OFF-SHORE Recruitment

Nollysoft Limited delivers value to its clients by initiating and facilitating the recruiting process for companies/organisations that desire to onboard highly experienced Nigerian IT Specialists with requisite skills and experience in Software Development, UI/UX Designs, and Project Management. We work closely with our clients to ensure they get real value for their investments by providing them with the right resources.

Based on the Job Descriptions (JD) provided by Clients, we will

  • Advertise the role on our robust platforms dedicated to this purpose that targets the right sources for the resources.
  • Collate CVs of applicants who responded to the advertisements. We will match their skills and experience with the JD requirements to ensure that only those meeting the requirements are presented to the clients.
  • Conduct a preliminary interview for applicants with the right skills and experience to verify and validate their experience.
  • Collate and send the CVs of successful candidates from the interview to the Client.
  • Organise another interview between the selected candidates and the Client.
  • Employ a cost-effective background check process for potential hires, including Academic, Guarantors Checks, Previous Employer Checks, Referees Checks, Identity Checks, etc.

We understand the dynamics of skillful developers – Web (full-stack), Mobile (Flutter, React, Android, iOS), and Blockchain. Our methodology in recruiting stands us out. We have successfully recruited developers, designers, and project managers for companies in the U.S. and Europe with positive client outcomes and feedback.


With our team of experienced developers, we develop functional applications for our clients within and outside Nigeria. We deploy the latest technologies, frameworks, and tools using modern software development methodology. We employ agile project management methodologies in delivering projects within budget and time.