Learning Management System

Nollysoft offers a customized and complete Learning Management System (LMS) solution – Software and services as part of its services. As it has become practice rather than the exception, methods of learning and knowledge acquisition have gone beyond the enclosure of walls, either in Offices or Educational locations.

The LMS solution delivery has, at its core, comprehensive support services tailored towards specific clients’ requirements.

Nollysoft’s LSM team comprises highly skilled technical experts – system designers and developers backed with experienced Business Consultants of proven experience in the Learning and Education industry.


  • A user-friendly interface with self-descriptive navigation features
  • Support for all latest eLearning standards such as SCORM and Tin Can/xAPI. Besides, it enables the uploading of existing documents and videos and sharing materials and events between courses or learning paths
  • Supports for mobile learning, content delivery on mobile devices – phones, tablets.
  • Besides providing online features, our solution supports offline learning and includes features for tracking, recording, and assessing offline events along with online ones
  • Customizable Contents to meet specific clients’ requirements.
  • Supports for pre-tests and post-tests. The solution provides support for pre/post-tests as part of the learning process. It has several flexible testing and assessment features, for example, automatic and manual marking, storing a learner’s complete assessment portfolio.
  • Reporting and Tracking – Moodle can track and record learners’ progress through a learning path. It can analyze exam performance and record.
  • Integration. Ability to integrate with Artificial Intelligence (AI) components, other third-party applications/platforms, and gateways.